Laser Cutter for Sheet & Tube

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Laser Cutter for Sheet & Tube Ahead hệ thống Techs CNC của chúng tôi cắt laser từ Mỹ là trên cơ sở của công nghệ điều khiển máy tính . Hệ thống này đảm bảo các tính năng động cao với phần mềm điều khiển chuyển động và phần cứng, áp dụng công nghệ bus trường . Nó có thể chuyển đổi quyền lực cắt để cắt tốc độ và hiệu quả ở mức độ nhất . Các Ahead Techs hệ thống CNC cung cấp chức năng cắt chuyên nghiệp bao gồm kiểm soát theo dõi , cắt đi tắt đón , điện điều khiển , kiểm soát trục giàn và vv
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Laser Cutter for Sheet & Tube




Output power of laser source (Optional)



Cutting area (L * W) (Optional)


3000 * 1500 mm

4000 * 1500 mm

6000 * 1500 mm

Max. tube diameter

200 mm

Max. tube processing length

3 m

Max. tube cutting thickness

6 mm

X axle stroke

3048 mm

Y axle stroke

2000 mm

Z axle stroke

80 mm


water cooling

Max. accelerated speed of X, Y axles

1.2 G

Kerf Width

0.1 - 0.3 mm

Positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z axles

± 0.05 mm

Repeated positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z axles

± 0.03 mm

Processing precision of work piece

± 0.1 mm

Kerf harshness

Ra 3.2 - 12.5 μm


380V, 50/60Hz

Continuous working time

24 Hours

Max. bearing weight of working platform

600 Kgs

Total installed capacity

20 - 25 KVA

Total protection level of power supply






Advanced fiber laser cutter

◎ Smaller Focal spot and cutting gap. Much more efficient and better processing quality.

◎ Extremely high cutting speed which equals to two times of tradition CO₂ laser cutting machine with same power specification.

◎ Adopt international top brand laser source with stable performance.

◎ The photoelectric conversion rate is three times higher than traditional CO₂ laser cutting machine, and it’s environmental protection.

◎ Lower running cost compared with traditional CO₂ laser cutting machine, the power consumption is 20%-30% of CO₂ laser cutting machine.

◎ The maintenance cost of fiber laser cutting machine is much lower since it’s without reflective lenses.

◎ Convenient operation with fiber transmission, laser route adjustment is unnecessary.

◎ Satisfied with flexible processing with small size and intense structure design.

◎ Gantry design with double drive structure, high damping machine tool with better rigidity which can stand higher speed and acceleration speed.

◎ Adopt with imported AC server motor system and transmission system to ensure the high speed, high precision and high reliability.

◎ The rack and guide is comprehensively sealed to prevent the friction without oil and dust pollution in order to make the drive system much longer service time and ensure the movement precision of the machine tool.

◎ Professional CNC laser control system with computer control which is more simple and convenient for operation.






Our Ahead Techs CNC system for laser cutting from US is on base of PC control technology. The system ensure the high dynamic properties with movement control software and hardware, adopting field bus technology. It can transform the cutting power to cutting speed and efficiency in most degree. The Ahead Techs CNC system provide professional cutting function including track control, leapfrog cutting, power control, gantry axle control and etc.



Why it’s EtherCAT ?


  1. First real open bus
  2. Host station use standard network card, chip is not necessary
  3. Technology Open
  4. Leading performance with advantages
  5. No 1 member quantity around the world and servo support
  6. Product quantity exceeds the Enclosed bus RTEX, Metrolink and also exceeds the Open bus Sercos and PowerLink.


Why we choose EtherCAT ?


1.Similarity: soft motion control + EtherCAT software host station, independent to hardware

2.Abundant servo and IO product choice


Soft motion + EtherCAT Bus = Open motion control platform


ENC Ahead namely EtherCAT NC Control is CNC system based on PC Open Bus issed by AheadTechs Inc in 2014





  1. It’s open type, module type and pure bus structure control system.
  2. Multi axis, multi interclose application,
  3. Position enclosure control with high speed and high precision.
  4. Support laser process with three axis, four axis and five axis.
  5. High speed gantry control
  6. Following control algorithm with smart software, laser power is varied automatically according to cutting sped


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