Video máy laser cắt da tốc độ cao

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Video máy laser cắt da tốc độ cao
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Video máy laser cắt da tốc độ cao


Machine Features

• Especially for genuine leather cutting. Suitable for all kinds of genuine leather and hides products cutting processing industries.

• Laser cutting with smooth and precise cutting edge, high quality, no distortion.

• It adopts high-precision digital system that can accurately read the contour of leather and avoid poor area and do rapid automatic nesting on sample pieces (users can also use manually nesting).

Simplify the complex processing of genuine leather cutting to four steps:

     1. Inspection  2. Reading  3. Nesting  4. Cutting

• During the time of nesting, it can also project the same pieces, display sample cutting position on the leather and improve the utilization of leather.

• Equipped with large area recognition system, projection system and auto-nesting software.

• It is applicable to car seat cover, sofa  and other large-size leather goods precision cutting.

CO2 Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine Optional Configuration

Auto Feeding System

CO2 RF metal laser tube (different powers optional)

Large Area Recognition System

Projection System

Red light positioning

Smart nesting

Pattern digitizing steel frame

Recognition, Pattern digitizing steel frame



Laser Solutions for Genuine Leather Cutting

CAD software (standalone version) can be configured to provide design and grading function. It also has pattern digitizing function. Supporting software can avoid the defects of genuine leather, then automatic or manual nesting and cutting can be done.

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